Brâncoveanu VS


Bottle Design Details

The pattern used by the Romanian ruler on his letters

A bottle design made in Paris, France

Brâncoveanu written in gold and capital letters, symbol of power and stature

The influence of Brancovanian architectural style/the traditional arcade

Constantin Brâncoveanu personal signature

The coat of arms, symbol of the house that conveys authenticity

Traditional distillate shape with strong unicity and character

Brâncoveanu VS
The Brave

Constantin Brâncoveanu, the legendary ruler with a memorable character, inspired the creation of this flavored wine spirit Brâncoveanu VS vinars is unique, inspiring courage and dignity, values that are found even today and are deeply rooted in contemporary characters.

BRAVE for those who are still trying to define themselves, who are looking for a road, who have the courage to ask for support or guidance, without fear, to experience something new.

Available Sizes: 0.7L, 0.05L

Energy Value 68.4 kcal/30ml Serving


Technical Details

Brâncoveanu VS

Brâncoveanu VS blend is aged for a minimum of 3 years, embodying a BRAVE character, inspiring courage and dignity and values that are found even today and are deeply rooted in contemporary characters.

Aging Period

Minimum 3 years


Elegant vanilla, fresh fruits and woody notes

Tasting Notes

Smooth tannins and a slightly fruity character, with a pale hint of smoke


Pleasantly drinkable vinars, straight, in cocktails or associated with food.


Brâncoveanu VS sums multible awards in the past few years, with the latest recognition in 2022, receiving a Silver Medal from the Global Brandy Masters.

Brâncoveanu VS Perfect Serves

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