Brâncoveanu XO Gheorghe Zamfir

Gheorghe Zamfir

Blue navy color, symbol of premiumness, integrity and knowledge

The same lather pattern used on the regular book

Brâncoveanu written in gold and capital letters, symbol of power and stature

Gheorghe Zamfir portrait

Gheorghe Zamfir Signature

Special maturation Mentioned, as a symbol of Distinctive asset

Brâncoveanu XO
Gheorghe Zamfir

Brâncoveanu vinars, through exclusive, extra aged limited editions collections, honors cultural personalities with symbolic value for the contemporary Romanian society.

This limited edition, which contains a Vinars with a distinctive complexity, is dedicated to master Gheorghe Zamfir, famous musician, the master of the pan flute, composer, conductor and author of over three hundred instrumental art works, symphonic and more.

Maestro Zamfir, an artist with a noble character, with a landmark role in Romanian society, continues to honor us with his consistent involvement in the development of the young characters, with his boundless love for his country and the genius of his creative talent.

For those who honor emblematic personalities with symbolic value for the contemporary Romanian society and embrace the unmeasurable value of our culture. For those who have proven to be authentic, powerful, courageous, dynamic, who have reached a social status and achieved powerful experiences. For those who are willing and open to share their wisdom stories with the others.


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