Brâncoveanu XO


Bottle Design Details

The Pattern used by the
Romanian ruler on his letters

A bottle design made in Paris, France

Brâncoveanu written in gold and capital letter, symbol of power and stature

The influence of Brancovanian architectural style / the traditional arcade

The coat of arms, symbol of the house that conveys authenticity

Constantin Brâncoveanu personal signature/Sensory experience

Brâncoveanu XO
The Noble

The perfect example of the noble character, Brâncoveanu XO is the expression of the strong values entrenched in the history of this brand. Brâncoveanu XO has in its composition an exceptional coupage.

Brâncoveanu XO was especially created for those who have proven to be authentic, powerful, courageous, dynamic, who have reached a social status and achieved powerful experiences, those who are open to share wisdom stories in society.

For the courage to go somewhere new, each Brâncoveanu must borrow something from the old. Each day we make sure that alone, every barrel is special. So that when we bring them together, they may become more than the sum of their parts.

Brâncoveanu XO is also available in a unique vintage gift box, THE BOOK, recalling the premium image of the product and promoting the values of Constantin Brâncoveanu figure. THE BOOK is an important part of the identity of Brâncoveanu XO, thus has established high consumers awareness. For Alexandrion Group, THE BOOK is a cultural symbol, considering that Constantin Brâncoveanu was a great patron of culture and his achievements were part of the Romanian and world cultural heritage.

Available Sizes: 0,7L

Energy Value 68.4 kcal/30ml Serving


Technical Details

Brâncoveanu XO

Brâncoveanu XO is aged for a minimum seven years resulting in transferring deep, refined, delicate, complex and rich aromas of a distinguished blend, embodying an exceptional courage, the perfect example of a NOBLE character; a contemporary expression of the strong values entrenched in the history of this brand.

Aging Period

Minimum 7 years


Almond and Velvety Vanilla aromas, woodly and spice notes

Tasting Notes

Dry Fruit, walnut and woody body, melted tannins and tobacco traces, liquorice and dry aftertaste


Elegant authentic vinars, great in paring with food


Brâncoveanu XO sums 25 awards over the past few years, with the latest recognition in 2022, receiving a Superior Taste award from the International Taste Institute and a Gold Medal from the The Global Brandy Masters.

Brâncoveanu XO Perfect Serves

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