Brâncoveanu XO Limited Edition Gheorghe Zamfir

Brâncoveanu vinars, through exclusive, extra aged limited editions collections, honors cultural personalities with symbolic value for the contemporary Romanian society. This limited edition, which contains a Vinars with a distinctive complexity, is dedicated to master Gheorghe Zamfir, famous musician...

Awards & News

Brâncoveanu Vinars

05 October 2023

Alexandrion Group will participate at Bar Convent Berlin, between October 9-11

10 May 2023

Alexandrion Group, outstanding presence at the London Wine Fair, 15-17 May

15 March 2023

The validated winners for the competition “ Experimenteaza nobletea vinarsului Brancoveanu”

05 October 2022

Alexandrion Group will participate between 10 and 12 October at Bar Convent Berlin

07 July 2022

Brâncoveanu XO Vinars awarded by the International Taste Institute in Brussels.

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